What is

Vested 360?

Vested 360 in Action

Vested utilizes a streamlined, modular workshop approach to develop robust, business-driven marketing/communications plans and messaging for our clients.

The workshop can take place over as few as 4-8 hours – either in person or virtually – or be held as a multi-week project using 1-1 interviews, workshops, and surveys for more robust engagements.

We know executives and teams are busy and oftentimes distracted. That’s why every Vested360 works to bring a high degree of engagement and interactivity, leaning on time-tested exercises, tools and virtual platforms such as Mural and Jamboard.



Persona Mapping

In this exercise, we dive into the needs of our target constituents:

  • Who are they?
  • What problems are they dealing with?
  • How do we help solve for those issues?
  • What benefits do we deliver?
  • And how do we want this audience to perceive us?

What's our why?

Often used for mission/vision/values workshops, this exercise uses the concept of the Golden Circle to identify the Why behind the brand.

Example: Apple

Why: Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.

How: Our products are beautifully designed and simple to use.

How: Our products are beautifully designed and simple to use.

Marketing funnel

In this exercise, we examine/review the existing marketing funnel and discuss what’s working and what’s not.

What primary channel or activity generates the most demand for your firm?

Brand personality

For brand-related workshops, we unearth the desired brand personality for the firm, opening up dialogue around potential brand tensions and overall aspirations.

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