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Here are the rules

With a finite amount of time, the success of your planning session is defined as much as by what you don’t say as by what you do. Rules help guide a discussion, keeping it on track and ensuring you squeeze the maximum output from the minimum time investment. 


Target Market Identification

Almost all organizations have finite resources; finite time, finite people, and most importantly, finite marketing budget. In order to make that budget as impactful as possible, it must be focused on the narrowest possible target. 



Once you’ve defined your target market, it’s time to recognize that you communicate to more than just your clients and prospective customers. Understanding the full range of your constituencies is the key to effective holistic communication.


Current vs. Perceived Desires

Understanding how to position yourself and your firm starts with understanding how constituencies think about you currently and creating consensus on how they want them to consider you in the future.


What to do with ideas

Everybody loves fresh thinking and new ideas – but much like copyrighting by committee, ideation can also derail a good planning session. The key to encouraging brainstorming while not derailing your session is to give ideas a place to exist.

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Middle-out messaging

When tackling company messaging, people tend to focus either on coming up with a tag-line, or drafting the long-form, “about us” copy. Neither of these approaches are productive.

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